>Finally….a craft room

>or at least one in the near future. I just moved into a bigger house and finally have a space, aside from a corner in a room, that I can designate my crafting area. I started to unpack and realized that it is just not functional the way it is. It is a work in progress but hopefully in a few short weeks it will be up and running. It is so hard to find the space to work on things these days and it seems as though my stamps have been neglected. Have no fear! I have vowed to change that and it all starts here! Here is the craft area in progress…


and some more stamps

Ink pads and some paper

More paper and goodies

My beloved Big Shot and more goodies

And the goodies that have yet to be unpacked

Please excuse my do, Frankie, he needs to be everywhere people are. Some more boxes of goodies yet to have a home.

The other side, its actually two super huge closets, is where the workspace will be when it is all together.

I went to Lowe’s the other day and they color matched my paint to my Stampin’ Up paper colors that I brought it. One wall will be Marina Mist and the other Bashful Blue. Here’s the paint all ready to go, and fume free so no icky paint smell!

It is a work in progress but I am really excited to get it all done!


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